The Town of Springfield Wishes They Had Seattle’s Monorail

April 30, 2009

It’s cool when we find NI technologies used in everyday life. Take, for instance, the Seattle Monorail. The Aegis Group used LabVIEW and Compact FieldPointto build a structural health monitoring system to ensure reliable operation of Seattle’s public transportation facility.

Here’s how it works:

The cFP monitoring system acquires vital sensor measurements like acceleration, dynamic breaking, throttle position, and track position. Then, using a custom state machine software architecture written in LabVIEW, the system analyses the raw data and displays it to the monorail engineers. They can diagnose any displayed current spikes, which are the leading cause of drive shaft failures.

So for all of you who take the Seattle Monorail, sit back and enjoy the ride. you can rest easy knowing you will not share the same fate as Homer Simpson and the residents of Springfield. If only Lyle Lanley had sold them a monorail system that had incorporated the test solution from the Aegis Group.


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